Last minute vacations might have been around forever, but even now they are still a hugely popular way to find a low-cost break. 
What's more, you don't have to compromise on value. Here's a tip: These are THE SAME vacation packages that have been advertised all year round! They are just cheaper and as such require a little more spontaneity and creativity to find.
On the subject of spontaneity, gone are the days when booking on a Friday and travelling on a Saturday was the best way to find a deal. 

Now, there are so many different choices being offered! You can take your time to browse the market and have your pick between the exotic or the the familiar, the scorching or the pleasantly mild, and the family-friendly or the couples-only. Or how about a little of all of the above!
The key to picking a great last minute holidays is flexibility. Try to keep your criteria as loose as possible and be flexible with departure dates, destination, choice of resort, accommodation and even your departure airport. 

It helps if you can list your criteria in order of importance, as this will help you to search for only the most essential requirements - such as departure date, because it's the only week you can book off work - while leaving the rest of your search terms open.
For example, if you check out late deals with The Co-operative Travel you would see that they have a page dedicated to last minute holidays. You can also use their search panel to expand your hunt for a bargain break. 

Enter your most important criteria and see what comes back, then filter your results by price, followed by your next must-have, to see if anything fits the bill. 

This is a great way to identify those holidays that suit your wish-list and also helps you to get an idea of average prices too.
So what are you waiting for? Get online, start searching and let the holidays begin!

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06/12/2013 5:48am

Great tip! I'll have to remember it for my link up post next week and give you a mention. :)

07/12/2013 4:00pm

Great! Good to hear you found it useful and can use it later. Thanks for sharing it in your link-up next week. Email me the link to your post when it's published and I'll help promote it. Thanks!

07/12/2013 5:44am

If I ever feel spontaneous, I'll try to remember The Co-operative travel. Although there are days at work where I do wanna run away, just like in Yes Man!

07/12/2013 4:02pm

I haven't even seen that movie yet, and actually don't even know what it's about. Interesting reference though, I'll have to look into it to see what's the story.


Aah...spontaneity. I could definitely use more of that in my life. With work, it's hard to book last minute deals as I usually request vacation time off months in advance. But one of these days, I will have the time and freedom to travel how I really want to. Thanks for this tip though!


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