"The Secret Spot" [SOURCE]
Great news! I will soon be sharing BEAUTIFUL photographs and unique stories from Hawaii based artist Ted Kanemitsu! Select photos from his portfolio will be featured in regular posts here on The Drifters Blog.
Ted focuses his art mainly on the elusive and rarely documented island of Molokai! As a local there,  his photos and stories will give you an insider's look into some of the most enigmatic places on earth.  

As such, the stories and photos shared may be just enough to give you a glimpse into what it's like there, but not enough to give it all away! This is in respect to the close-knit culture and community that is Molokai.

The island of Molokai is often referred to as "The Most Hawaiian Island". Life there is slow and relaxed. It's rural and peaceful. It's like stepping back in time 50 years. It's a place like no other. Ted's pictures and stories reflect perfectly the spirit of that island.

If you are not following him yet, check out Ted's Facebook page at Molokai Mo Bettah and give him a LIKE! Along with his photographs, he sometimes shares short stories about the unique places in his photos. 

And just to whet your appetite, I want to share with you the above shot of a "secret hiking spot" that can only be accessed by crossing some "eerie terrain"! 

What do you think of this picture? How does it make you feel? Have you ever been to a place that looks similar to this?

You can be sure that there are more inspiring photos to come from Ted Kanemitsu, so please standby!

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And now we ask you - Have you ever been to Molokai? 

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03/12/2013 4:49am

I think Uncle Ata would know where that is. : -) You would definitely have to bring your own tp & spade for this adventure.

06/12/2013 1:24am

Haha, is that what you think of when you see this picture? TP? Too funny. And yes, Uncle Ata guarantee knows where this is.

07/12/2013 5:46am

I know there's no toilet out there, not even an outhouse. =P So you're gonna have to pop a squat & come prepared.

05/12/2013 8:21pm

I look forward to seeing more beautiful photos from Hawaii! Great to connect with you.

06/12/2013 1:27am

Great! I'm glad we connected here. And not just any old pictures of Hawaii, these are photos from Molokai through the eyes of a local from the island. Very rare indeed. I found you on Facebook as well. Let's keep in touch!

08/12/2013 9:18am

Beautiful Hawaiian island! Looking forward to seeing more pictures and reading more about it. :)

12/12/2013 11:47pm

Yes, I'm pretty much partial to Molokai since it's where I was born and raised, but I honestly do think it is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. I'm glad you'll be following along!

10/12/2013 7:08am

It´s been a while since I´ve been to Hawaii, but I´d love to go back. It´s such paradise!

12/12/2013 11:48pm

Yes! Definitely! Go back and have fun. Each island is very different from the other, with even unique sub-cultures of Hawaiian culture, so there's still a lot to experience and learn about!


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